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1st Medical care bundle Spa Antonie****superior hotel

Tuesday 19. 1. 2016

13. 5. – 15. 5. 2016

This offer is no longer available


Antonie úvodní

Original product of hotel Antonie and chirurgical ambulance DynaMedic

Be part of our 1st Medical care bundle. You can enjoy our comfort services and on Sunday you can arrive home with important information about your health after weekend in Spa of our hotel. This bundle is aimed on curing vein and arterial system.

Medical care bundle includes:


2× luxury accommodation in room for two

2× all-you-can-eat breakfast

2× 2-course dinner


1× classical partial massage (30 min.)

10% sale for another massages and massage baths

Wellness, spa and sport: no restrictions access to SPA Concept and SPORT Concept

Specialized clinical care:

1. Anamnesis analysis with clients with scope on risk factors of atherosclerosis and chronical vein diseases

2. Complete clinical examination of arteries in limbs and arteries supporting brain and veins in legs

3. Ultrasonic examination of leg veins, in case of pathological clinical discovery on arteries, the examination will be scoping on arteries too

4. Summary medical with final evaluation and next step suggestion

Specialized lecture part

1. Atherosclerosis and its manifestations

2. Chronical vein diseases

3. Modern methods of chirurgical and non-invasive solutions of varicose veins

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