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Activities and neighbourhood

Hotel Antonie’s neighborhood is rich for activities during the summer as well as during the winter. Everyone can find its own entertainment (bikers, sightseeing lovers, skiers and even snowboarders). The nature trail of Frýdlant and its neighborhood has twelve prepared stops for you, where you can discover information about local scenery, Jizera mountains nature and even with Frýdlant city and its thousand years old history.

Frýdlant Castle

Frýdlant is one of the largest and most important historical complex of the north the Czech Republic. You can find here two major architectonical ways: Middle Ages Castle and Renaissance Castle. Castle itself was built around 13th century.


Singltrek represents new way of bike experience. It was found as an inspiration from bike centers of Great Britain and their fascinating atmosphere. Singltrek is made by net of bike tracks with common base.

Bike tourism in Frýdlant region

Ski center Ještěd (

Ski center Obří sud (

Ski center Bedřichov (

Ski center Świeradów – Zdrój in Poland ( If you want to enjoy skiing without waiting, do not hesitate to visit even this modern center, which have ideal conditions for skiing as well as cabin cableway for 8 people. Let them carry you to the top of the hill without feeling the cold outside – It is very pleasing!

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