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Frýdlant Castle

Frýdlant is one of the largest and most important historical complex of the north the Czech Republic.

Castle was built during 13th century. The manor was gained by Birbštejn family in 1278. They took part in building massive and monumental castle palace.

Frýdlant was held by Redern family between 1558 and 1621. They continued in meliorating of Frýdlant manor. They were farmers and soldiers but also supporters of building and art. Renaissance castle and chapel have become their legacy.

Albrecht from Valdštejn was the owner of castle between years 1622 and 1634. He bought it for about 150 000 gold pieces and he built large homestead domain in herepart by part. His farm lands registered great boom during 30 years war, because they supported his army.

After murder of Albrecht from Valdštejn in 1634 Gallas family became an owner of castle until 1757 when Calm-Gallas family took its place as an important diplomatic and military nobility on Emperor’s court. They were owners of Frýdlant until 1945, when the castle and Frýdlant city became national property.

The original conception of Gothic castle didn’t survive completely. Today we can see the castle as a big two floor building around non-geometrical shaped courtyard with domination of cylindrical tower – bergfrit.

There were two major Renaissance upgrades made in 16thcentury while castle was growing by the time. Chapel and Renaissance castle were built between 16th and 17th century by Marc Spazzie di Lancio, who made the last major upgrade on warden´s part of building in 60s of 19th century.

In 1801 was castle opened to public with all its expositions by Calm-Gallas family. Present exposition includes the oldest castle museum in Central Europe, chapel with precious furniture and two castle wings. One of the most notable expositions is an authentic portrait of Albrecht of Valdštejn from local artist Kristian Kaulfersch, picture gallery of Gallas and Calm-Gallas family, armory or nobility’s office. Ladies, men and representation rooms in the castle represent nobility of living style in 19th century.

Castle´s kitchen is also remarkable. It is well equipped and even functional in present days. Visitors can even see inside ladies bathroom or children room.

Park around castle was build during 19th century.

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