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Stand no. 1 – Hotel Antonie**** / Greek house

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History of the south hill side of city Frýdlant is tight with so-called Greek house and city gardening.

Art Nouveau building of called Greek house shined through the neighborhood countryside by its exterior from double fired bricks. This building was used for about one century as an accommodation facility for youth and students, in 50´s of the 20th century it was a temporary home for group of Greek emigrants – that´s what gave it its name.

In 1902 the Kinderschutz society was founded by countess Marie Calm-Gallas as an institution to help poor children without religion differences.

For a celebration of  60th anniversary of František Josef I.’s government, the Bureau of the society agreed to build a Stationary to help orphans and poor youth in Frýdlant.

At the beginning of June 1908 started the construction and it was finished at 1909 by Frýdlant’s builder Rudolf Hampl (an original of memorial tablet is placed in the new building of hotel Antonie).

Expenses of building the Stationary was counted to 97 349 crowns. Donations for the building reached 14 509 crowns.

Kinderschutz was funded by public donations and collections. Money-boxes were placed in twelve public houses in Frýdlant, Oldřichov v Hájích, Dětřichov, Větrov, Lázně Libverda , Hejnice, Jindřichovice pod Smrkem, Dolní Oldříš, Bílém Potok and more.

The Stationary started its function on 3rd October 1909 with 40 to 50 children of both genders. Children were not permanently here, but they were prepared to be placed for home education and their own life.

The Stationary was focused on preparing future manpower for industrial companies, craftsmen and farmers.

There was a dormitory and a facility for youth placed at the end of 90´s of 20th century. Because of financial expenses of this facility the building was sold later by Frýdlant city. In 2007 it was bought by new owner, who started to build hotel complex – Hotel Antonie there.

It was necessary to buy part of city gardening because of the final size of Hotel Antonie project.

From the cross under two lindens in hotel Antonie grounds, around children playground go by the footpath rising to Gallows hill.

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