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Stand no. 10 – Mechanical crèche

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Whole crèche theatre is situated to hilly scenery in background of Jizera mountains. It was constructed by Gustav Simon (1873 – 1953), city with gate and walls with single building around, simple or more complex ones, some of them half-timbered as is typical for Frýdlant and neighborhood. Architectonical parts are from cardboard and wood. Between structures there are coniferous trees and palms. A small simple cote with paper saint Family is situated in the middle, St. Three kings and some other typical figures are randomly situated around the middle doing typical local jobs, mainly wood work.

Mechanism used to make figures move is based under the crèche on a principle of the clockwork mechanism.

Creator was building his crèche for 60 years, almost to his own last days. He built beautiful creation for his own happiness and also for the visitors. His crèche is 4,15m long, 2 meters wide. It contains 130 movable figures and animals and 50 static figures. Crèche takes half of the room of wooden cabin, one of the oldest in Frýdlant.

From crèche you can go through streets of the historical center to T. G. Masaryk square which you can cross and go through the park to the chapel of St. Cross.

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