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Stand no. 11 – Church of Finding St. Cross

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Chapel, same as the Middle Ages city center is 300m above sea level. Founding of chapel is linked with founding the city and castle in the third fourth of 13th century. Together with castle, this chapel is one of the most important historical monuments of Frýdlant.

It is built on the place where chapel of St. Barbora stood. In 1498 chapel was enlarged with reconstruction of the tower. In 1551 the chapel was rebuilt in Renaissance style by Italian builders Kašpar and Marek Valliovi from Milano. In the tower of deans in the chapel,there are three bells. At the beginning of 2009 bells were repaired and hang again. Before 1914 there were 6 bells and two hour cimbaloms.

Unique part of the chapel is Renaissance Redern Mortuary chapel, which was built by Kateřina Melchiorivá for her husband.

Mannerist tombstone (1605 – 1610) is dominion in the whole space of the chapel. It was made by Gerhard Heinrich from Amsterdam, that day working in Vratislav. This is a remarkable sculpture of funeral type (the only one of its type in the whole the Czech Republic). The memorial portrait of Melchior from Redern was hanged in 2010 in old Gothic altar as a loan from national Frýdlant castle. It is oil painting of remarkable proportions 3,5 on 3,5 meters, which is dated to 1600 – 1605.

The most dominant object in place before chapel is Marian pillar, which was moved to its current place in 1898 from square (now square of T. G. Masaryk) and it is dated back to 1723. Around the central pillar is statue of St. Mary, St. Josef, Jan, Jáchym and St. Anna along with St. Jan Nepomucký.

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