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Stand no. 12 – Špitálek (Hospital)

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Hospital was founded by townsmen on 16th May 1561 thanks to their efforts and financial donations along with purkmistr Cristoff Rollen.

In 30 years war it was used as nobility facility for whole manor.

There were found around 300 of these hospitals around whole Czech lands, mainly in 13th and 14th century these were used as provident facilities for old, infirm or disabled citizens.

“Špitálníci” as they were called, were fed and clothed by foundation. There was exact determination of how much food and clothing they can receive. Their duty was to prey for their benefactors. Hospitals were not normally made with high capacity, they could contain about 10 to 12 people. Frýdlant hospital was even smaller – at the  17th century it could hold only 6 people.

Whole building was massively reconstructed and reopened on 1st of June 2012.

An exposition of local museum with unique remaining of bread furnace old about 500 years is situated inhospital. Replica of this unique furnace can be found in garden on museum grounds.

When going back to hotel Antonie you can take a way through Kodešova street, after 200 meters turn right and pass bridge to street U Potoka and U Plovárny and then go up to train station Předměstí.

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