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Stand no. 3 – The Cemetery

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Current cemetery was found by city Frýdlant in 1878 on the north direction from the city.

Many of beautiful tombstones make the last rest places of many outstanding citizens of Frýdlant better. (Citizens that used to live here or were born here). They were artists, scientists, doctors, industrialists etc. One of them was Frýdlant’s historian Julius Helbig. He was born in 12. April 1831. As an owner of printing office in Frýdlant he had very good conditions in releasing his historical writings. He spent whole life studying  history of Frýdlant. His grave has number 13.

Another outstanding citizen is native Franz Prenzel, city builder (Power station Harta, waterworks near Frýdlant’s outlook).

In 1945 there were around 30 unidentified bodies on watch of doctors Glazer and Mauermann exhumed and later buried in commemoration in Frýdlant’s cemetery.

The statue of soldier at the entrance of the new cemetery was made by J. Bílek from Hořice.

You can take the roadblock asphalt road around the cemetery buildings, on the asphalt road and before agricultural factory take left and go again around cemetery wall. After about 100 meters go right and up to outlook tower.

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