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Stand no. 4 – Lookout Tower

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There were found many so-called beautification societies in Frýdlant region. Their main purpose was to build foot-paths, parks, memorials and view spots.

Wooden Outlook tower grown above Frýdlant because of those societies in 1890. It is  14 meters high. Hill wasn’t afforested so much in those days. Around the outlook there were pastures divided by stone walls visible even this day.

The wooden outlook had to be destroyed in 1905, but next year the building of new one started. It was built from bricks and 6 meters taller than previous one. It was ceremonially opened on 30th April 1907.

The outlook tower was abandoned for many years and used only for technical purposes. In 1980 it was returned to its original purpose – for Frýdlant tourists. The outlook tower became a part of city Frýdlant property on 28th November 2008 and from this day it still serves as touristic attraction.

Go around the outlook tower and the other buildings and on the foot-path you can go through the forest (pastures before) heading to the east and following remaining parts of the stone walls. When you reach the end of the forest, follow the path across the meadow to the asphalt road and up to the hill.

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