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Stand no. 5 –Water tank Strmá

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Tank is a waterworks object for an accumulation of water. Its main purpose is to make differences between water incoming from water sources and out coming water to consumers even, to secure required pressure in water lines and secure sufficient water reservation. Water tank Frýdlant – low zone is the oldest preserved and functional waterworks building not even in Frýdlant, but in whole Frýdlant’s promontory. This water tank can contain about 300 cubic meters of drinking water. That is about 300 000 liters of water. It was build at the beginning of 1913 as a part of the first Frýdlant’s water supply network. Building of the water supply was secured by then city council under the leadership of H. Kaulierscher.

This water tank is now a property of Frýdlant waterworks company as many other similar buildings. This company secures delivery of drinking water and disposing of wastewater for whole Frýdlant’s promontory.

Water tank Frýdlant – low zone was completely reconstructed in 2006. Source of the water is small river Řasnice and few another underground drill holes not far from the city in a way to Krásný Les. Next to the tank begins 6,8 kilometers long nature Trail “Pilgrimage for the water”, which will lead visitors and tourists to another similar buildings around Frýdlant and it introduces with different “secrets” of water.

Follow the rapidly decreasing asphalt path, luxuriate you with view at Frýdlant valley and its dominants as well as Jizera mountains. Straight forward even after the crossing of railway, on the right hand it will open modern sport ground at the end of the street you will see Glück Villa.

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