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Stand no. 6 – Villa Glück

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Villa was originally built for Frýdlant lawyer of Jewish origin JUDr. Samuel Glück. Building was built between years 1909 and 1910 by Frýdlant builder Rudolf Hampl (1867 – 1935). He also built the Greek house.

Three floor high cellared building with rectangular platform was situated to garden with swimming pool. Late Art Nouveau villa is conceived as a whole with fence and gate of its period was completed in 30´s of 20th century with small garage building. Functional differences were divided by separate entrances in side frontage. Parts of green of the garden, garage and rock made swimming pool are in an original shape until this time.

Villa was not only used as a family manor but as an office of the lawyer practice

House itself was taken from Glück family in benefit of Great Germany Empire in 1942. After the war the villa was used as a nursery and children and pioneer house. In years 2005 to 2006 was building reconstructed. Building is now used as a House of Children and Youth.

This object is listed and one of the cultural monument of the Czech Republic in central registry of cultural monuments.

From the Glück villa you can go to Lužická street to the hospital.

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