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Stand no. 9 – National castle in Frýdlant

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National castle in Frýdlant is the most important dominant of the city. At the same time it is one of the most important historical complexes in the Czech Republic. It combines Middle Ages Castle and Renaissance Castle. History of the castle is dated back to the 13th century and it is strongly marked by Albrecht from Valdštejn, one of the iconic characters of 30 years war. Just some parts were preserved from the original gothic castle. Just cylindrical tower and part of the monumental walls were preserved.

Castle got its Renaissance look from 16th to 17th century. Calm-Gallas family opened castle for public in 1901.

First you should go through forest park from Kaplanka, next to Zámecká street and follow the path to the town center. You will cross Fügnerova street and straight on street ČSA (continuation of street Zámecká) go left to Hrnčířské square, where is Mechanical crèche. It is not far.

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