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Bussiness training and training premises

If you are looking for suitable place, where you can make bussiness training for your firm or you are just looking for suitable training premises our of Prague and other crowded cities, Antonie hotel**** Frýdlant is dominant between hotels for bussiness training in Jizera mountains near Liberec

  • Fully technically prepaired halls and professional hotel staff is here for you to make your meeting smooth and working.
  • Modern air-conditioned background of training premises makes room for up to 80 people.
  • Mobile, sound-isolated room dividers can make our hall up to 3 smaller rooms. All independent, fully equipped and comfort.

Next to the professional training premises, our hotel can provide even design lounges for smaller groups. Exclusive lounge „Paraboloid“ – wooden-made uniquely shaped with view on city Frýdlant near Liberec – is a dominant part of our hotel with capacity of 12 people. It is suitable for formal or less-formal occasions.

  • Leather made seat goes around the room with eliptic shape provides comfort and equal sitting around round table.
  • Fresh air and day light will make better even hard bussiness meetings.

Original interior is different from ordinary training premises even in our wine bar. With capacity for 25 people it can serve for example for less formal parts of your meetings. Sliced wood around walls with atypical wooden celling and glass-made lightened wine bar will make you confortable and will make pleasant atmosphere and good mood. Renting of our training premises and accommodation in our hotel Anotnie have many bonuses: luxury background with capacity of 46 beds with roomy apartments ****Superior, own hotel restaurant and relax SPA ans SPORT Concept for spending your free time. No restrictions in access to both centers will allow you to use our services fully during your filled meeting harmonogram.

Hotel provides complete gastronomical services, as part of you meeting you can discuss individually made harmonogram of coffee breaks and menus. We will gladly adapt to your conditions.

Bussiness meetings in Jizera mountains near Liberec can be pleasant working experience. Use our training premises in hotel Antonie**** as a place for your growing in your bussiness!

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