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Spa Concept

Paradise for your body and soul: vertical turbo solarium, Finnish sauna, infra ray sauna, whirlpool, swimming pool, cooling pool, outdoor eco lagoon with 20 meters long swimming range, perfectly maintained grass for rest.

Do you want to rest and relax properly

Antonie SPA Concept is an ideal place for you with its wide offer of services. Roman style steam spa, rest zone, sauna, whirlpool and many more is waiting for you at our hotel.

Antonie SPA Concept is modern object including wellness and spa services with classic nature material and procedures which go back to beginning of Roman and Greek spas. Roman steam spa (caldarium), rest zone (respirium) or cooling pool (frigidarium) are included here. Modern spa offers vertical turbo solarium, infra ray sauna, Finnish sauna and uncountable massage variations.

Old Greek and Roman culture based its health care on contact of human with pleasant environment linked with water (Sanus Per Aquam). Antonie SPA Concept has many elements of traditional Roman spa.

  • Original Roman steam spa (caldarium)
  • Outdoor eco lagoon with 20 meter long swimming range
  • Rest zone (Respirium)
  • Wellness bar
  • Facings and pavement from authentic stone Italian mosaics
  • Properly maintained grass rest zones

  • Swimming pool
  • Cooling pool
  • Whirlpool
  • Finnish sauna and infra ray sauna
  • Vertical turbo solarium
  • Massages

Price list

1 hour
1 hour
2 hours
2 hours
3 hours
3 hours
Adult (Sunday 18.00 to Friday 14.00),(Friday 14.00 to Sunday 18.00)120 CZK160 CZK150 CZK200 CZK180 CZK240 CZK
Seniors (valid for Monday entrances)
80 CZK
80 CZK
90 CZK
90 CZK
100 CZK
100 CZK
Children from 3 to 12 years old (Monday - Thursday)(Friday - Sunday)50 CZK80 CZK60 CZK 100 CZK70 CZK110 CZK
Family admission: 2x Adult, 2x child up to 12 years old (Monday - Thursday)(Friday - Sunday)350 CZK450 CZK
Sauna world (Monday - Thursday for order)(Friday - Sunday) 16:00-20:00195 CZK290 CZK310 CZK350 CZK150 CZK/ every next hour
 30 minutes60 minutes
Classic massage320 CZK
partial (back and neck)
600 CZK
full body (back, neck and feet)
Aromatic massage 350 CZK
partial (back and neck)
650 CZK
full body (back, neck and feet)
EXCLUSIV - Lava stone massage 850 CZK
Face and bossom massage by peeling seeds 280 CZK
20 minutes / person
Foot massage480 CZK
40 minutes / person
Peal Wrap - 1piece150 CZK / 20 minutes / person
Warming - Peal Wrap 75 CZK
1 piece / 10 minutes / person
Warming - Infra ray sauna 40 CZK
10 minutes / person (chips on reception)
Dry Bath145 CZK / 20 minutes
Pearl Bath225 CZK / 20 minutes



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