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Antonie Club

Membership in ANTONIE CLUB guarantees, that you will get best offers and services everytime.







Registration type



  1. Gaining points

Everytime when you buy services or goods in Antonie hotel while having your valid club card with you, you gain gain points equal to your purchase (1 point is equal to 1 CZK paid). After you reach 5000 points, you can can gain these sales when you will purchase something again:

5 000 points 2% sale

10 000 points 5% sale

20 000 points 10% sale

30 000 points 15% sale


  1. Special offers „ANTONIE HOTEL“

If customer buy services or products in special offers, he/she will gain points on purchase. You can use sales gained on your card for special offers. Sales cannot be multiplied!


  1. Personal Information Protection

By registration in our customer program ANTONIE CLUB you give company „ANTONIE HOTELS“ permission to use your personal information, which you give to „ANTONIE HOTELS“ company through registration form, information given through your purchases on goods and services. Your personal information can be processed and used for marketing, goods and services offerings, market research, while you are still member of this service. By signing of registration form you give said permission to company „ANTONIE HOTELS“, as electronical mail user, to use this information for continuous electronical contacting by sending continuous trade communication according to legal laws about electronical communication and laws about unrequested email communication.


  1. Losing club card and responsibility

In case of losing ANTONIE CLUB club card you can ask us to gain a new one. In case of gaining a new card and canceling an old one, you will still have gained points and sales on your account. Company „ANTONIE HOTELS“ is not responsible for any damage made by third person caused by losing a club card or club card abusing by a third person.


  1. Membership validity

Membership lenght is not limited.


  1. Conditions of membership in ANTONIE CLUB

for legal person: Legal person fill the registration form for legal persons. Club card is valid for company name and it can be used bdy any employee of this registered company.


  1. System/Conditions changes of ANTONIE CLUB

Company „ANTONIE HOTELS“ reserve a right to change, cancel or adjust ANTONIE CLUB.


  1. Other

In case of any questions connected with ANTONIE CLUB program or to ask the membership termination, please contact us:

Antonie hotel Frýdlant, Zelená ulice 905,

464 01 Frýdlant v Čechách, tel.: 725 836 003,


Online rezervace

Nebo volejte +420 725 836 003