Room features


What kind of place is Antonie Hotel anyway?

  • Intimate (boutique) Hotel: Yes, Antonie is a small, very intimate, quiet hotel with only 23 rooms and a generous architectural concept, which, even in full occupancy, offers each guest a feeling of great spatial comfort and tranquility.
  • Design hotel: Antonie is a completely unmistakable design hotel. It is a modern new building with a very clean design abounding in imagination, which, however, fully and always respects purposefulness. The central concept is the motif of the unique Aloe vera tree, which intertwines through the hotel in dozens of material variations, both in 2 and 3 D design, as well as in an embossed design.
  • Conference hotel: absolutely ideal hotel for corporate and group events, training sessions, meetings, because the hotel has directly designated conference facilities with all modern conference technology. Thanks to the mobile, sound-proof walls, the conference halls are variable in size and number.
  • Wellness hotel: a true wellness hotel with a wellness center and spa facility with a floor area of more than 500 m2, swimming pools, whirlpool, saunas, solarium, massage rooms, wellness bar…
  • Sport Hotel: Antonie is a sport hotel thanks to the first-class fitness, sports hall, squash courts and a tennis court and endless outdoor activities
  • Eco Hotel: Antonie is an ecological hotel. It obtains a significant part of the required energy from solar panels, using a natural source of water to accumulate, irrigate and operate its own fun stream. The hotel is surrounded by many thousands of meters of luxurious green lawns and other vegetation and an ecological bathing biotope.
  • Wedding hotel: With its size, layout and unique architecture, Antonie is the optimal hotel for weddings with ceremonies, banquets and accommodation. Many nooks in the interior and exterior invite the original unconventional and unforgettable wedding ceremony under the centuries-old linden trees, on the pier at the biotope, in the gardens…
  • Family hotel: families with children are always welcome in Antonie. Thanks to the extremely spacious rooms, the high-quality extra bed does not disturb the layout of the rooms even for a longer stay, In case of more children, an internal connection of two adjacent rooms in a very spacious and luxurious apartment is offered in which both parents and children have privacy. Part of the menu is adapted for children. Children love our wellness center and the water attractions in it, while a big magnet for them is the natural, but regulated meander stream running through the hotel gardens. Of course, there is a large and safe playground and a children’s corner. An absolute hit is the incredible combination of camping and luxury. In summer we offer families with children all the luxury of a hotel stay with the possibility of true camping!