Activities in the surrounding area

Directly from the hotel, 10 km circuit

Trail through Frýdlant

Nature trail starting directly from the hotel and ending again at Antonie. The 10 km circuit will guide you through the most interesting things you can discover in Frýdlant. There are 12 stops with information boards awaiting you, where you can read about places of interest in the area. You will get to know the local Šibeniční vrch (Gallows Hill,) the lookout tower, the Glück Villa and many more. We will gladly prepare you a map of the route at the hotel reception. The trail is also suitable for strollers.

1.5 km, 30 min walk

Frýdlant Lookout Tower

A 21 meter high lookout tower situated above Frýdlant, located at an elevation of 399 meters above sea level. It replaced the old wooden tower which opened on June 6, 1890 and closed down in 1906 on account of its state of dilapidation. The visibility from the tower is now somewhat less than it used to be, but it is still worth climbing up the 100 granite stairs to the deck. The view is dominated by Frýdlant Castle, towering on a hill at the opposite end of the town and the northern slopes of the Jizera Mountains.

1.5 km, 20 minute walk

Frýdlant Town Hall

The dominant feature of Frýdlant is the neo-Renaissance town hall, which was built between 1893-1896 based on a project by the Viennese architect Franz Neumann, the architect of the town hall in Liberec. Every hour, the carillon plays a melody from the town hall tower, from classical music to brass band music. Carols are played during the time of Advent.


1.5 km, 20 minute walk

Frýdlant Nativity Scene

Mechanical nativity scene, placed in an Upper Lusatian house, with exceptionally well-preserved original mechanics made by the creator himself. It was created by Gustav Simon over a period of 60 years. He placed 130 moving and 50 static figures on an area of 4 × 2 meters. The whole building was reconstructed, while the nativity scene passed through the hands of restorers in Třebechovice pod Orebem.

2 km, 30 minute walk

Frýdlant Castle

Frýdlant Castle and Chateau is the oldest castle museum in Central Europe and is one of the largest complexes in northern Bohemia. From the original Gothic castle, it was rebuilt over the centuries into a large Renaissance chateau with opulent decoration and extensive collections of immense historical and artistic value. The houses in front of the castle also have deep historical significance.

2 km, 35 minute walk

Frýdlant Brewery

Since 2013, the Frýdlant Chateau Brewery has been continuing the 700-year tradition of brewing beer in Frýdlant, which was artificially interrupted in 1949.
During this time, the brewery has won over 20 awards at Czech and international tasting competitions. The brewery’s range includes over 10 beer styles and more than 30 different beers.

13 km, 20 minutes by car

Hejnice Monastery

The Franciscan Monastery in Hejnice is a Baroque monastery complex with the Basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary in Hejnice. In 2018, it was declared a national cultural monument of the Czech Republic. The monastery premises are located in the building of a former Franciscan monastery from 1696. The whole building was reconstructed with a focus on wheelchair access.

15 km, 25 minutes by car

Jizera Mountains Technical Museum

The expositions of the Jizera Mountains Technical Museum are located in the protected conservation area of the former textile factory. As part of the tour, you can visit an exhibition of aircraft engines, of power engineering, textile production and sewing machines.

21 km, 30 minutes by car


Smědava mountain chalet (Wittighaus in German) is located at an altitude of 847 m on the seasonally open Smědava road (subsequently Soušské road), which overcomes the ridge of the Jizera Mountains between Hejnice and the village of Souš near the Souš dam. The chalet is situated roughly between the peaks of Jizera (1,122 m) and Plochý vrch (Flat Hill (939 m) near the Black Lakes and the peat bogs of Jizera.


15 km, 20 minutes by car


Singltrek pod Smrkem is a paradise for lovers of trails. It is the largest and most popular network of MTB trails in the Czech Republic. Singltrek pod Smrkem is located in the Frýdlant projection in the beautiful natural environment of the northern slopes of the majestic Smrk Mountain. The trails are situated between Nové Město pod Smrkem and Lázně Libverda, as well as on the Jindřichovice Ridge. Some trail sections are located in Poland.

8 km, 11 minutes by car and a 10 minute walk

Heřmanice Lookout Tower

The tower is 25 m high, has a circular ground plan with a diameter of 5 m. The entire building is made of larch wood. There are two staircases leading to the lookout point, with 99 steps in one direction and 90 in the other. The tower is freely accessible all year round. The lookout tower can not only be reached on foot, but also by bike or car.

16 km, 22 minutes by car

Living open-air museum

Museum of rural life before the Industrial Revolution, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the center of everything, there is a beautiful and gradually renovated Upper Lusatian house, which is about 300 years old. It houses the permanent residents of the open-air museum and its agricultural part houses a museum.

30 km, 30 minutes by car

Berzdorfer See (DE)

Reclamation lake created by the flooding of a former brown coal mine. It is located in the east of Germany, in the state of Saxony, in the eastern part of the provincial district of Görlitz, south of the town of Görlitz. You can not only swim on the beautiful sandy beach of Blaue Lagoon, but also go cycling or in-line skating.

30 km, 35 minutes by car

Görlitz (DE)

Görlitz, Zhořelec in Czech, is the easternmost city of Germany on the state border with Poland. German Görlitz forms the historical part of Zhořelec; the former eastern suburbs, separated by the river Lusatian Neisse River, is now a separate Polish city of Zgorzelec. The city is a founding member of the Euroregion Neisse.

35 km, 30 minutes by car

Marienthal Monastery (DE)

Marienthal Monastery is located in Upper Lusatia between Žitava and Zhořelec. It is the oldest continuously existing Cistercian convent on German soil. A female order was created in the monastery, which lived and lives according to the order of St. Benedict. Nowadays, 15 nuns with an abbess live in the monastery and they are still true to their order.